Elgato EyeTV DTT USB Tuner Stick

"This device brings digital TV (also known as FreeView) to your Mac or PC. It's high definition and the best part is you can watch TV, record TV and edit it directly on your computer." - Matt, CODAS Crew.

Watch Digital TV on your Mac.

EyeTV for DTT combines a USB stick that is a state-of-the-art television receiver with EyeTV 3 software. EyeTV for DTT brings free-to-air digital terrestrial television to your Mac in crystal clear digital quality.

Navigate with an Apple Remote:

Tired of remote controls scattered around the living room? So are we. If your Mac came with an Apple Remote, you can use it to navigate EyeTV's Full Screen Menu. The Full Screen Menu will certainly work with an EyeTV IR remote control as well.

Superb Television Reception:

EyeTV for DTT is a powerful TV tuner in a tiny package. The USB stick represents the latest technology in television reception, providing you the best in free, high-quality live TV on your Mac anywhere digital terrestrial TV is broadcast.

EyeTV for DTT's miniature antenna is primarily intended for use in areas where DTT broadcasting stations emit enough power for mobile DTT reception. If necessary, it may also be used with any type of active antenna that has an independant power source, or with a passive antenna such as a rooftop aerial.

Made for the Mac:

The elegant EyeTV for DTT is so slim that it slips beautifully beside the MacBook Pro's MagSafe power connector without covering any other ports. And despite it's slender profile, EyeTV for DTT contains a full-size and built-in coaxial plug. EyeTV for DTT does not require an antenna adapter.

Superb Quality Recordings:

EyeTV for DTT has one quality setting, Lossless. The DVB stream is recorded unaltered, and so you're getting full quality DTT content as encoded by the broadcaster. EyeTV supports DTT multilingual programming and Dolby Digital sound.

EyeTV for DTT is powered by award-winning EyeTV 3 digital TV recording software:

  • Watch, pause and rewind live television on your Mac.
  • Record hours of your favorite TV shows directly on your hard drive.
  • Edit out unwanted content using EyeTV 3's powerful yet easy-to-use interface.
  • Find your favorite TV shows and schedule recordings using the built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Create playlists to manage your recordings and TV channels.
  • Export clips and entire episodes to your video-capable iPod.
  • Store your collection on an external storage drive, or burn it to DVD.

System Requirements:

  • Mac computer with a PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel Core processor
  • 512 MB of physical RAM
  • Built-in USB 2.0 port
  • Mac OS X v10.5 or later
  • 720p or 1080i HD features require an Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 2GB of free disk space required for one hour of recorded DVB-T TV
  • Internet connection required to download Program Guide data
  • A CD/DVD recorder
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